Feldenkrais Exercises In Sitting (Great For Beginners!)

I have recently begun selling this 5-session Feldenkrais Exercise series all done while sitting. It is a great introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. All session are less than 20-minutes and all can be done in a chair.

They are GREAT at eliminating and preventing back pain and strain. They work for your shoulders and arm movements. They will also help you sit more comfortably and increase your concentration while working…these session are especially wonderful if you spend any length of time working at a desk…

Feldenkrais Exercises In Sitting

This downloadable Feldenkrais mp3 series includes:

  • Integrated Turning, Right and Left (If you teach this a great demo session)
  • Opening and Folding (Wonderful if you tend to “slouch” or lean forward at your desk)
  • Bending to the Side (Yummy! Will make you relax….)
  • Full Body Integration (Combines all 3 session above with some unique variations)
  • Shoulder Rotation in Sitting (The “Eroll Flynn” from Esalen and elsewhere. Awesome lesson)

Download all sessions right now, including FREE transcripts of the sessions (great if you are practitioner, saves you a ton of time preparing to teach). All the sessions are under 30 minutes and can be done during lunch or a break, while at work, or in your home office…or wherever you can sit and move comfortably for a bit…

Feldenkrais In Sitting

All 5-Sessions With Free Transcripts $19.99

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I stand behind what I create and sell and I offer a “No Questions Asked” refund policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your download, for any reason, contact me for a full-refund.


Feldenkrais Exercises: Free Downloads

This is just a quick listing of some of the free downloads of Feldenkrais exercises that I have. I will add more as time presents. Firstly, there are two free Feldenkrais exercises on my download store. They are on the right hand side of the page. You can either listen online or download: Free Feldenkrais Exercises. There are also several free sessions on my blog. For example, you can listen or download the Feldenkrais exercise called, “Rhythmic Tapping” from Volume two of my “Feldenkrais Classics” series: Feldenkrais Classics Try one For Free. And don’t forget this one that has been downloaded several thousand times:


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Feldenkrais Exercises: Pelvic Clock

Note: This article is in development. I will be writing and editing it over the course of several weeks, perhaps longer. Ryan

The “pelvic clock” refers to a device developed and used by Moshe Feldenkrais in his sessions over the course of many decades. The first use of the clock that I could find is in the Alexander Yanai session #19: “Preparation for a clock.” Though there a quite a few others such as Alexander Yanai #77: “A clock”. The Alexander Yanai are Feldenkrais sessions that Moshe taught in Israel for several decades. In some of these sessions, a clock is imagined under the pelvis and a person uses the image of the clock to guide movements of the pelvis. However, Feldenkrais did not use the clock image only with the pelvis. At various times he used a clock to guide movements of the face, shoulder, legs, arms and other areas which is a great boost for testosterone according to testosterone replacement physicians.

A written version of the Pelvic Clock can be found in Chapter 6 of Awareness Through Movement: Easy-to-Do Health Exercises to Improve Your Posture, Vision, Imagination, and Personal Awareness That chapter is called, “Differentiation of Pelvic Movements by Means of an Imaginary Clock.”

The movement of the pelvis is important for a variety of reasons not the least of which is that many strong and thick muscles necessary for movement are connected through the pelvis. There are many, many examples of Dr. Feldenkrais speaking of the pelvis. Here is one from Chapter 13 of The Potent Self: A Study of Spontaneity and Compulsion

All correct action starts with the movement of the pelvic bone, which displaces itself so as to carry the spine and the head through to the new position while allowing the head complete freedom of movement. The control of the head and of the pelvic bone are, therefore, absolutely essential to all correct action. One is not more important than the other. Both must be controlled correctly to obtain correct action. In some acts the position of the head is more telling and easier to notice, but it cannot be obtained without proper control of the pelvis.”

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