Feldenkrais Exercises: Free Downloads

This is just a quick listing of some of the free downloads of Feldenkrais exercises that I have. I will add more as time presents. Firstly, there are two free Feldenkrais exercises on my download store. They are on the right hand side of the page. You can either listen online or download: Free Feldenkrais Exercises. There are also several free sessions on my blog. For example, you can listen or download the Feldenkrais exercise called, “Rhythmic Tapping” from Volume two of my “Feldenkrais Classics” series: Feldenkrais Classics Try one For Free. And don’t forget this one that has been downloaded several thousand times:


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6 thoughts on “Feldenkrais Exercises: Free Downloads

  1. Thank you so much for exercises!

    I’m an actor. I need this type of technics.

    I want to continue our relationship.


  2. Hi,
    I was blessed enough in the 70’s in Chicago that a yoga teacher friend brought me to a workshop for Feldenkrais which might have been one of Anat’s first workshops. I immediately was amazed at the difference it meant to my body and mind. She wasn’t selling Tapes but a friend had taped many of her classes. I continued to go to workshops till she went to California. I meet many people who were wonderful at the time I was in college getting a BSN in nursing so it might have been the 70’s when we first met. Anyway you brought back all those memories for me. Also I saw her work first hand with babies who couldn’t sit at all. They were able to sit soon after she worked with them.
    Really love your very clean instructions. Deciding which to buy.
    Kathleen Anderson RN, APN

    • Thanks Kathy! I wish I had done workshops back then. What an opportunity. Let me know how the next phase of your journey goes…..


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