Feldenkrais TMJ Exercises

Feldenkrais TMJ Exercises

There are a variety of Feldenkrais sessions that are directly applicable to TMJ. The are also many sessions that are indirectly and paradoxically powerfully effective for TMJ sessions. Generally people search on google for “TMJ Exercises” and “Feldenkrais Exercises for TMJ.” That’s fine. But keep in mind, that the potency of Feldenkrais sessions for TMJ comes from the gentle quality of the sessions. Feldenkrais can help you move your jaw more easily, more simply and with LESS effort so that TMJ pain is reduced or simply melts away. It is better to not think of them as “exercise” because the goal is to use LESS muscular effort. Generally speaking, you do not want stronger muscles in your face and around your TMJ. You want muscles that are a bit more relaxed and functional and that can move with less tension and muscular effort.

Sample Feldenkrais TMJ Exercise

Below is a sample Feldenkrais mp3 session from my Eliminate TMJ Pain Now series. It is Session #2 from that series called Shoulder, Neck and Jaw Connections. If you want to benefit from the session do not just listen to it, but actually do the session. You can also download a copy if you would like.


To purchase my Feldenkrais TMJ series go to FeldenkraisTMJ.com and buy it as a part of a package with other useful Feldenkrais sessions.



5 thoughts on “Feldenkrais TMJ Exercises

  1. Listening to the sample, I am wondering about lifting the shoulder. Do I put my arm in the air to do this? Or lift it by the shoulder with the arm on the floor. A little more description would be helpful. Otherwise it sounds like it will be a good program. It’s so calming to listen to you speak. — Meryl

  2. Hi Meryl,

    Thanks for the question. In this session you are lifting the shoulder with the arm on the floor. Sometimes, I make the movement descriptions very, very specific…sometimes less so. It all becomes part of the learning….



  3. Why does one feel a tightness in the throat with after this exercise? Feels like a lump with difficulty swallowing.

  4. HI Mary,

    Sorry that you feel something like a lump and have a difficulty swallowing afterwards. I have never heard of that and I have no explanation. From a Feldenkrais perspective it could be some habitual tension in your tongue or other muscles that is letting go. Or it could be that you overworked the jaw somehow. Perhaps do it again, but more slowly and gently. Or move on to another session in the series. If it is something that recurs, I would recommend going to a doctor, just to be safe.


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